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The first, pay attention to technical training, technical backbone of reserve production operations personnel, and enhance product quality control in a generic sense, in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process, to solve production of defective products from a technical point of view and to improve the quality of the product.


Secondly, we must strictly enforce the equipment rules, according to the predetermined frequency equipment routine maintenance. Any found problem should be timely feedback equipment maintenance therapy, reduce poor quality due to equipment failures that result from radically improve product yield.


Thirdly, strengthen the wet fluid control, strict control of fluid volume and concentration Medicament added amount of change to test a single instruction guide (according to the procedure code requirements), request the relevant departments to actively cooperate with the syrup concentration, to avoid problems caused by poor quality.


Fourth, further strengthen the technical control, modify or change processes according to the actual 


Quality PCBs come from our dedicated professional team,Sunthone manufactures PCBs of the high quality standard as per IPC. Our quality is not an afterthought, but built into each process from PCB engineering to packaging and shipping. All the production processes are continuously monitored and optimized in an effort to increase the quality of your PCBs. And all production processes are directly tied to the CAD system, thus offering a log of full traceability of material and product flow. It is constantly striving towards zero defects through the use of systematic monitoring.