Talent is the enterprise development, is the key to establish a competitive advantage, and grasp the opportunities for development.

Glorysky electronic clear at the time of the establishment of this, the company is willing to share weal and woe, through thick and thin, can officers do to succeed in the real talent to give important positions, while focusing on culture positive pace with the times that have the potential to become the company's employees Talented.

In the recruitment and selection of personnel:

Glorysky electronic recruit through internal selection and external recruitment and other channels of talent, rich talent pool, to achieve renewal and activation of the overall human resources and potential ability to create and promote the company's rapid development. Personnel in the selection process, focus on staff personal qualities and practical work, regardless of qualifications, Bu Wei education, regardless of background, non-discriminatory, as long as the talent to use. Different types of talents will be based on their individual abilities and strengths, personality and characteristics considered, rational distribution, rational composition structure, interpersonal coordination, smooth communication, cooperation and efficient team.

Culture and motivate talent:

Glorysky Electronics provides employees with broad career development opportunities and space to display their abilities, so that every employee into the company, are likely to become human, the full realization of personal value. Talented employees as long as willing to dry competent, have the opportunity to get important positions and achieve common progress of individuals and companies to share the results of the company's development.